Top Tips

We know how hard you’ve worked to get to this day and you’ve earned your right to enjoy it, so we’ve provided a few helpful bits to help ease the stress. Have a scroll through all our Top Tips for Graduation and trust us, they’re based on experience…



The Dress Code – Graduations are a formal (but celebratory!) occasion and we would ask all Graduands and Guests to respect this. The dress code is smart attire, so you better get suited and booted and dress to impress!

Comfort First – Although those 6 inch heels look great with your dress, think about the day ahead. You’ll be on your feet for most of the day and the ceremony itself.  As a Graduand you will need to step up and down from a stage. With an expected 200 graduates + their guests, that’s a big crowd to tumble in front of.

Whatever the Weather – We’re all praying for sunshine, but being in November the weather can be somewhat unpredictable – please be prepared. It can be cold, windy and/or rainy (let us not mention snow) and we can’t do much about any adverse weather so please bear with us.


Things To Bring

Hair pins – For the boys too! If the weathers windy, they’re a godsend to keep your cap in place.

Makeup – You are the centre of the day, so prepare to be photographed- a lot. There is plenty of mirror space in the toilets so you can top up throughout the day.

Handbags –  Your gowns won’t have pockets, so make sure your clothing does or you bring a small bag to keep your essentials in. Anything too big will get in the way at the ceremony and clash with your gown.

Safety pins – You can never have too many! The gowns have a lot of weight to them, so they can be known to slip and slide.


Places to Celebrate

Once you’ve given your gown back, you’re free to wander in to the town centre where the celebrations continue! Cast is literally a 10 minute walk from all of Doncaster’s hotspots, so if you’re after a bite to eat or a really nice cocktail, it’s within reach. We’ve even listed some of the towns favourites for you, so take a look, scan the menu and don’t forget to book to avoid disappointment!



Cactus Jacks

The Filling Station 

Poppadoms & Cream

Georgian Tea Rooms

Slug and Lettuce