Doncaster College Catering Service is proud to offer a wide variety of choices to enable our students to create a healthy nutritious meal based on the Food Standards Agency ‘Eat Well Plate’.

For breakfast from 8am why not enjoy a nutritious bowl of porridge with mixed fruits and nuts for only 50p or homemade cheese and bacon bread or toasted fruit bread. If you can’t make breakfast brunch is served from 10am until 11am.

From 11.30am we offer a large range of food choices from a traditional Roast dinner with fresh vegetables and roasted meats at £3.80 to a humble pasta pot made with fresh beef and vegetables for only £1. Fish dish and vegetarian options are also available.

The Chefs dish of the day offers a different option with curries, casseroles and grilled meats. A free mixed salad is always offered when you spend £1.50, along with fresh fruit and fruit juices.

A light lunch option is our popular Toasted Panini combined with the free salad at £2.

Giving you healthy informed choices is key to us so check out the content of all our meals in the easy to read meal boards on the counters.

A cashless system is available with the student identity card or cash will be accepted. Bank credit or debit cards cannot be used.