Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) funding programme for education and training, youth and sport between 2014 and 2020.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

University Centre Doncaster was awarded with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) in 2014. We are committed to providing students with opportunities to gain global employability skills and increased awareness of the value of international experiences, both on a professional and personal level, through offering high quality traineeships with respected and trusted international partners. Our international strategy regarding European Projects focuses on the outward mobility of staff and students in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Regarding staff specifically, we aim to provide international opportunities for continued professional development, through short-term teaching/training at partner HEIs, funded through the Programme.

a) We currently have networks and partnerships in programme and partner countries: France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, China, Morocco, and Tunisia. These are partner institutions who we have been involved with for a variety of different projects and cooperation, including mobility, curriculum development, quality assurance, language training, short-term traineeships, and staff training and teaching. We are continually looking to expand our current network of partner institutions. However, we believe in quality over quantity, and when exploring potential new partnerships, we seek the following: 1) mutually beneficial agreement, 2) aligned international strategy and aims and objectives, 3) opportunity for long-term partnerships, 4) possibility of joint curriculum development, 5) meet EU student mobility priorities.

b) Regarding our geographical scope for partners, we intend to continue the excellent working relationships with institutions mentioned in the above section, and we will be actively seeking new partners both within programme and partner countries. We purposely seek partnerships with institutions from a wide geographical area, so as to provide students and staff with a wide variety of perspectives, cultures, and ways of teaching and learning. We strongly feel that such a wide scope will allow for all interests of staff and students to be met.

c) Our main target groups for student mobility will be students in short, first, and second cycle. The most important objectives for the students on mobility, will be to gain ‘real-life’ work experience in their chosen field of study, through high-quality traineeships in programme/partner countries. This will prepare them for the global job market, and as the majority of our degree programmes have a practical, as well as theoretical, focus, this will blend well with the students’ current curriculum. As regards staff on mobility for teaching/training, will be opened to all HE staff who have an interest in continuing their professional development through international work. We will ensure that the appropriate partner institution is selected for the particular staff member and his/her speciality area.

If you are interested in partnering with, or studying at, University Centre Doncaster as part of Erasmus+, please get in touch with us at