How do I borrow?

You must present your College card if you want to borrow any materials from the LRC or carry out any LRC transactions including copying and printing. Your College card is your personal College ID.

How many items can I take out?

You can borrow up to 15 items. Items are available for different loan periods. Items without any stickers on them are 3 week loans, red stickers indicate one week loan items, yellow are 3 day and green are overnight.  There are also 3 hour loans and Library use only items which may only be used within the LRC. Check the loan period on the LRC Search before you borrow to make sure you can return items on time.

What can I do if I need the item for longer?

You can renew one week and three week loan items twice as long as they have not been recalled. You can renew by phone, email, in person or via the LRC Search. To learn more about renewing your resources you can visit the Toolkit here.

If a book I need is already on loan, what can I do?

You can place a hold on an item to request its recall. For more information on how to do this click here to visit the Toolkit. You will need your College ID and LRC PIN to hold an item. Ask at the LRC Information Desk for your PIN.

Can I check my borrower account online?

You can keep track of what you have out on loan by checking your LRC account  on the LRC Search. You will need your College ID and LRC PIN to access your account online. Ask at the LRC Information desk for your PIN. If you have problems using the online service please get in contact.

What happens if I return an item late or lose it?

We do charge fines for late returned or lost material. If you think you have lost a book please contact the Learning Resource Centre so the problem can be resolved swiftly.

Remember you can avoid fines by renewing your books online, by telephone or in person. If the Learning Resource Centre is closed you can return books via the bookdrop outside LRC3.