The Web Catalogue doesn’t just tell you what is available in the College Learning Resource Centres, it also enables you to manage your borrowing account online. You just need to sign in using your Web catalogue login

Checking your account

Avoid getting fines by using the Review your account facility. From here you can see when books are due for return, any books that are waiting for you and if you have any fines.

Renewing books

You can renew books online.  Just select My Account and then the Renew option.  Please be aware that you can only renew your books twice online or over the phone. Also note that if you have just one book that is very overdue or if you have a total of £5 in fin​es​ you will be unable to renew until you have resolved the problem.

Changing your pin

You don’t have to stick with the original pin issued you can change it to something more memorable.  You can do this from the My Account link.

Requesting material already on loan

You can request material already on loan using the Hold option on the web catalogue.