The Learning Resource Centres offer over 160 computers for you to use for your studies. To ensure fair access the LRCs’ operate a computer booking system.

Logging on

Visit our ‘logging on’ page on the Student Area.

Booking computer sessions

Each drop in computer booking lasts for two hours.  You can see how much time remains by checking the clock at the bottom of your screen.  You will also be given a warning before your session is due to end. Please ensure that you save your work regularly to a memory stick to avoid loss of work.

You can book a computer up to seven days in advance. Bookings can be made at the Reception desk.  To ensure fairness to all students, if you turn up late for your session or if you leave your computer idle for more than 15 minutes you will lose your booking.

For health and safety reasons, you may only book a further computer session after 30 minutes has elapsed.

Saving your work

Remember to save your work regularly and make backups. You can save your work using the online storage associated with your student email account, a memory stick or you can email your work to yourself.

Do not save your work to the Computer. Work saved to the desktop will be lost when either your session ends or the computer is logged off.

Printing and copying facilities

For printing you need to use the Print2Collect printer.  You can collect your work from MFD printers including the machines in the LRCs.  You need to log in using your college ID card to print off your work.  The printers are set up to print double sided.  To change this you need to go to Printer Properties.

Should you need a colour printer you will need to change the Printer Properties on your computer from “Gray Scale” to “Auto Color”.  Your printing will only be released when you log in to one of the large multi-function printers in the LRCs.  It doesn’t ma​tter which printer you use unless you want A3 printing.

You can top up your print credits in the LRCs.  You will need your to show your College Card.  See details onsite for printing and cop​ying costs.

Click here for our guide on printing​