In order to be fair to all our users we do fine students and staff who return materials late.  Below are a list of current charges:

Loan period Fine per day *
3 Week Loan 10p
1 Week Loan 30p
3 Day Loan 50p
Overnight Loan £1.00
3 Hour £1.00 per hour
Inter-Library Loans 50p
Lost items Cost of replacing the item + administration charge

* Please be aware that if you have overdue books and outstanding fines that you may be prevented from further borrowing or renewing of materials until the matter has been resolved.

Avoiding Fines

You can avoid paying fines by returning or renewing your books on or before the due date.  One of the best ways to keep track of items on loan to you is to check your LRC Account.

Learn more about how to renew your loans here.