In addition to the main collections, the Learning Resource Centre also provides some special collections.

You can search to see what we have in any of the collections by using LRC Search.


Starting Point Collection

This is a collection that helps students who are just starting to study a subject.  It includes material that is easy to read, colourful and appealing. There are a wide range of subjects which can be used for study or pleasure, such as Computing, Food, Hair and Beauty, Arts and Crafts, Earth Sciences, Animal Care and so on.  They are available in Books, CD ROMS and DVD’s.

ESOL Collection

Resources in this collection support learning of English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Fiction Collection

There is a wide and varied amount of fiction for all level of readers. Fiction is to be enjoyed by everyone, therefore we hope you can find something to suit you.  It ranges from Easy Readers, through to Teenage, Young Adult and Adult fiction. There is also a collection of picture books for you to read to young children. The Easy Reader selection is divided into both fiction and Non-fiction.


The DVD collection features a wide range of films which include many modern up to date films, musicals, world cinema and art house films. We also have a number of music DVDs. These are free to borrow, but are limited to a 1 week loan.

CD Collection

The CD collection features a wide range of music including classical, pop, rock, jazz, folk, country, instrumental, film and world music. These are free to borrow.


Careers Collection

Careers collections at The Hub offer a wide range of resources that include: further and higher education information, prospectuses, occupations and preparing for university.

Study Skills Collection

Study skills resources support students in all aspects of study including: time management, essay and report writing, collaborative working, research skills, reading techniques, giving presentations etc. The aim of the Study Skills collection is to help you to feel more confident about studying..

Life Skills Collection

Resources for learners support learning or updating functional skills including literacy and numeracy.

Reference Collection

The LRC offers a small quick reference collection. The collections include language and subject dictionaries, directories and encyclopedias.


The LRC holds a range of dissertations written by previous students.