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Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement


Policy title: Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Effective from:

Published on this page: 27th January 2022

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement


This document sets out procedures to be followed if Modern Slavery issues are identified and to ensure that DN Colleges Group (DNCG) [Doncaster College and University Centre, North Lindsey College and University Campus North Lincolnshire] is compliant with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


Under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, it is a requirement we take appropriate steps to ensure we do not have any aspect of modern slavery within our own organisation or within any supply chain. It is also good practice for us to publish a Modern Slavery Statement on our external websites to support the positive actions we are taking and obligations towards s.54 of The Act

Definitions and/or Relevant Legislation

Modern Slavery encompasses different types of behaviours and abuse, and can be perpetrated against individuals from any background, age or nationality. The different types of abuse that come under the umbrella term of Modern Slavery are:

  • Slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour (s. 1 MS Act);
  • Human Trafficking (s. 2 MS Act).

Exploitation can include:

  • Sexual exploitation (i.e. forced into prostitution, regardless of the individual’s age. Includes Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE);
  • Removal of organs (organ harvesting);
  • Debt bondage which can also include an individual being forced into committing criminal acts (including Child Criminal Exploitation [CCE]);
  • Child marriage;
  • Child Slavery;
  • Domestic Servitude

Roles and Responsibilities

DN Colleges Group take appropriate and proportionate steps to ensure that any form of modern slavery or human trafficking do not take place within our own organisation and within our supply chains. Our dedicated procurement process ensures relevant and due diligence checks are made and self-declarations are requested. This is also reflected in our confirmed contracts with external providers, and through our stringent checking process.

Within our own organisation, we follow safer recruitment processes, which include verifying Right to Work in the UK documentation, and acknowledge reference to Modern Slavery in our Safeguarding Policy. We have training for staff on how to identify possible indicators of Modern Slavery, and how to report any concerns (as per our Safeguarding Policy and via recording on CPOMs).

The DN Colleges Group supports the UK Government’s approach to implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We also support the Base Code of the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Forward Planning / Ongoing Actions

Ongoing actions:

  • Ensure all relevant members of staff are aware of the different aspects of Modern Slavery, signs and indicators, and our responsibilities as individuals and an organisation;
  • Share information with our supply chain;
  • Offer training opportunities to our supply chain;
  • Review existing contracts with supply chain members where any risk of Modern Slavery occurring are higher and respond to any identified concerns accordingly.

Publication of the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

The statement will be published on our external facing websites and updated on an annual basis, as per best practice and requirements.

The statement will be formed from sections 2, 3, 4 and 5 of this document.


Policy Holder                        Kirsty Knivett Job Title: Head of Safeguarding & Prevent

Approval Committee:           College Leadership Team

Authorisation Date:              January 2021

Next Review Date:               January 2022


Version Control

Version Number                   Effective From                      Review Date

Version 1                               January 2021                        January 2022