Your DC Number

During your time at Doncaster College and University Centre, you’ll hear the term ‘DC Number’ often. This is your unique number and the one you will use to login to many services with too, including Blackboard, your student email account and many more.

You can find your DC number on your student ID card, underneath the barcode.

Your Password

When you first receive your student ID card, your password will be set automatically.

The first time you log onto a computer, you must enter your password in the format as indicated in the diagram.

As an example, let’s use a student named Joe Bloggs who was born on 22 January 1994. His password when he logs on the first time will be ‘JB220194!’

After you first login, you should change your password to something that is easy for you to remember. But please NEVER give out your password to anyone else.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact the IT Help Desk by emailing or via telephone on 01302 553579.

New student?

If you are a new student, please read the information below about how your account is processed and activated so that you can use our facilities and services.


You’ve completed and signed your enrolment paperwork, and have received your student ID badge.


Please allow up to 24 hours for your details to filter across College systems.


Next, you need to login to a College / University Centre computer for the first time (details of how to do this are above).


Once you have created your new password please logout, then…


…login with your new password to check your settings have saved correctly.


You’re done! You now have access to the Doncaster College and University Centre network, including Blackboard, student email and Office 365.

Trouble logging on?

First, please make sure you have read all the steps listed above.

If you still have problems logging on, ask your tutor for help or visit your nearest Learning Resource Centre. Alternatively, you can click here to reset your password online, or submit a request to the IT support desk.