Individual Course Representatives

Each course will elect a Student Representative in their course groups. The Student Representative will be allocated time within their course by their Course Tutor. The Student Representative will chair a meeting to discuss any issues that they need resolving linked to their course or College life. It is also an opportunity for students to share the positive experiences of the course or College life. The Student Representative will record this on the template provided and take to the Curriculum Leads Meetings.

2018/19 Student Representative Handbooks will be issued to the Student Parliament Representatives.

Curriculum Leads Meetings

The Curriculum Leads of each Curriculum Area will arrange three meetings per academic year  to meet with the Course Representatives to identify what can be resolved internally within the Programme Area and what needs to be taken forward to Student Parliament Meeting. Minutes of this meeting will be taken by a member of the Admin Team. If the Student Representative is unable to attend the meeting it is their responsibility to ensure the notes are sent to the Curriculum Lead. The minutes will be sent on to the Programme Manager and the relevant Director a minimum of three days prior to Student Parliament. The Director  agrees the issues to go forward to the Student Parliament with the Programme Manager, which will be forwarded to Emma Davies.

The Curriculum Leads in collaboration with the Programme Manager will agree on the one Parliament Representative and a Deputy Parliament Representative for their Programme Area (not curriculum area) who will attend the Cross College Student Parliament Meetings. The main Student Parliament Representative and the Deputy Student Parliament Representative will be issued with the relevant lanyards. The main Student Parliament Representative will attend Student Parliament Training.

Notice Boards

Each programme area is required to have a Student Representative Notice Board within the area that has a minimum of:


  • Programme Area Course Student Representatives and Student Parliament Representative
  • Meeting dates for Course Rep Meetings/ Curriculum Leads Meetings and Student Parliament Meetings
  • Minutes of Curriculum Leads and Student Parliament Meetings displayed.

2018/19 Meetings

All meetings are held in the Boardroom at The Hub:

Day Date Time
Wednesday 24th October 2018 12:00
Wednesday 27th February 2019 12:00
 Wednesday 15th May 2019  12:00


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