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Careers Resources

The Careers Service has a range of resources that students can use during their time at College, including guidance software, educational materials and a careers library.

The Careers Service has a range of resources that you can use during your time at College.

Our resources include the following:

  • Computer Aided Guidance to help you decide which careers suits you the best
  • In-house Careers Education materials that can help with UCAS, CV’s, Job Search etc
  • A comprehensive Careers Library via the Learning Resource Centre
  • Useful Web links to Careers information

Adult Directions

Useful package for anyone unsure which career to choose or are looking for a change and need some inspiration.

Students can search the database if they have an idea in mind or answer a question regarding likes and dislikes when choosing a career. A list of career matches is generated with the best match at the top of the list. Information includes why the job may be suitable, salaries, training and contacts.

The system also has information including education, job search, voluntary work and qualifications.

The questions can take between 20-40 minutes to answer and it is advisable to speak to a careers adviser during and after the exercise to get the best from the programme.

An online version is also available for students to use at home.


Useful package for students with a good idea of the type of work they are interested in and want some additional information.

A useful section is job families where students can view careers in Law, Care, Computing etc. and see the different types of roles involved in specific subjects. The system also includes general information on education, job search, voluntary work and qualifications.

Learning Resource Centre

Our Learning Resource Centre holds the careers collection for the College and also carries a copy of many of the UK’s university-level prospectuses.


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