Firstly congratulations on gaining a place at University Centre Doncaster! Embarking on higher education is a big personal commitment of your time and money, but there are many advantages of studying at this level.

Your decision to study at higher education may be for a specific job role which requires a degree, you may be considering a career change or it could be a personal challenge. Whatever the reason, we want you to make the best of your time at the University Centre Doncaster. We want you to not only gain a good quality qualification but gain lots of other skills that can help you on your life in general, such as:

  • Employability skills
  • Enhanced social and networking skills
  • Self-awareness and confidence
  • Broadening horizons and experiences
  • Motivation and thirst for knowledge
  • A whole range of skills related to your course

Lots of transferable skills that you can use in your daily life.

See the links below for tips on CV’s, UCAS applications and more.

Chris Smith is your dedicated careers adviser. A drop in service is offered on Mondays 9:30am-1pm and Thursdays 1pm – 5pm at The Hub.

Chris can be contacted by email on or by phone 01302 553747.