How to apply for courses

The information on this page relates to further education courses. For higher education information, please see our ‘How to apply for Undergraduate courses‘ and ‘How to apply for Postgraduate courses‘ pages.

To ensure you apply for the right level of course for you, please carefully read through the entry requirements.

Direct Enrolment

For courses identified on the website as Direct Enrolment no application form is needed. Come into Student Services and enrol onto your chosen course, once enrolled you may start your course.

Applying by Application Form or Online

Other courses require an application form. If you are unsure which course level to apply for please do not worry. Once we have received your application we will double check to ensure you are applying at the right level.

1.     Initial Assessment

After submitting your application to study for a full time course you will receive an invitation to an initial assessment for your English and maths. This allows us to see the level you are currently working to, the results will be forwarded to the course tutor in preparation for your informal interview.

2.     Interview

After your informal interview with the course tutor you will receive your offer.  The offer will either be unconditional or conditional

  • Unconditional Offer – You are able to enrol
  • Conditional Offer – You are able to enrol on condition you achieve certain results or criteria.

3.     Diagnostic Assessment

You will also be invited for a further English and maths assessment. It is important you attend as the course tutor uses this to help plan your programme of learning in line with your individual learning needs.

4.     Enrolment

If you are given a conditional offer you will be invited to an enrolment day in August when you will also be asked to bring evidence you meet the conditions of your offer.

If at any time you have any queries regarding your application please do not hesitate to contact the Centralised Admissions Team on 01302 553886.

5.     Careers Support

If you are unsure which course will suit you or would like to discuss the career progression of your chosen course please do not hesitate to contact our Careers Team on 01302 558230 or 01302 558230.

6.     Additional information

Please note, when you apply we ask all students if they have a ‘relevant’ criminal conviction, this includes cautions but does not include warnings, reprimands or speeding fines. The information is used to assess whether the course is right for you and to protect both you and the other students. Please be assured, declaring a conviction is not automatically a barrier to studying at College.

If you require any Additional Learning Support (ALS) please remember to include this in your application.