To ensure you apply for the right level of course for you, please carefully read through the entry requirements.

Applying by Application Form or Online


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Click here to download an Application Form (PDF) – this can be edited directly on your device, then saved and emailed to

Other courses require an application form. If you are unsure which course level to apply for please do not worry. Once we have received your application we will double check to ensure you are applying at the right level.

1.     Conditional Offer

After submitting your application to study for a full time course you will receive a conditional offer of a place to study with us.

2.     Tutor Appointment

This is a meeting with a tutor where they can find out more about you and you can ask any questions you may have regarding the course and studying at College. This is also the opportunity for the tutor to discuss the course level with you.

3.     Summer Taster

You will be invited in for a summer taster session which is a sample of the course you have chosen to study. It will give you a better idea regarding your course, give you the opportunity to meet your tutor again and also meet other students who may be on your course.

4.     Enrolment

If you are given an offer you will be invited to an enrolment day in August when you will also be asked to bring evidence you meet the conditions of your offer which could include exam results.

If at any time you have any queries regarding your application please do not hesitate to contact the Centralised Admissions Team on 01302 553886.

5.     Careers Support

If you are unsure which course will suit you or would like to discuss the career progression of your chosen course please do not hesitate to contact our Careers Team on 01302 553805 or 01302 558231.

6.     Additional information

Please note, when you apply we ask all students if they have a ‘relevant’ criminal conviction, this includes cautions but does not include warnings, reprimands or speeding fines. The information is used to assess whether the course is right for you and to protect both you and the other students. Please be assured, declaring a conviction is not automatically a barrier to studying at College.

If you require any Additional Learning Support (ALS) please remember to include this in your application.