Doncaster College has been given £127,500 funding from Sport England to reduce the number of their students who are completing less than thirty minutes of activity each week.

Sport England’s new Strategy ‘Towards an Active Nation’ puts tackling inactivity at the heart of what they do.  As part of this initiative Sport England is investing £5 million into projects in colleges that will support their inactive students into regular activity.

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Sport England Lottery Funded

Current Activity Timetable

This project will tackle inactivity using Tutorial curriculum time for targeted students to address their inactivity as per the Behaviour Change model detailed in Sport England: Towards An Active Nation Strategy 2016-2021. The students will benefit from specialised support from a Tackling Inactivity Student Progress and Performance Tutor in addition to the Project Lead.

For further information on the national programme please contact: or @Sport_England on Twitter

With support from the Tackling Inactivity Student Performance and Progress Tutor, each student will develop skills, habits and behaviours to increase their levels of physical activity. They will benefit from one-to-one work, individualised action plans, interventions based on the Youth Personalities research, regular monitoring, and encouragement.

In addition, the College’s ProMonitor system is used to track baseline data, action plans, progress, and to enable students to share their views, experiences, challenges and successes.

More Information

For more information on the Tackling Inactivity programme, contact:

Jonny Gilberthorpe
01302 553814