The Additional Learning Support team provides support to individual students who need a bit extra learning related support over and above what is normally provided on your course to help you achieve and reach your potential.

This support helps ensure everyone has a chance to take part in one of the College’s many courses that are offered at a range of different levels, and for that support to be tailored to you to help you settle in and progress towards achieving your learning goals.

You may find that you need some additional learning support because you have a learning difficulty and/or a disability, or because you are really struggling with English and/or Maths which is making it harder to complete your main course successfully.

When you complete one of our course application forms you will notice that there is a section asking you if you have a disability and/or a learning difficulty.  We strongly recommend you take the opportunity to complete this section so that we are aware of any potential students that may need some support if they do take up one of our courses.

You can tell us this information at any time, even if you have started your course, but the sooner we know we can begin to make preparations.  We appreciate though that you may choose to not tell us and we will respect this, but it will make it more difficult for us to meet your learning needs and you may miss out on support that may have helped.

You will find that all colleges are required to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled students who are on a course or in the process of applying for a course.  These adjustments may include things such as changes to rules, policies, procedures, publications, teaching styles, assessment, location etc.  Any changes made will help us to better meet your additional learning needs.

The support we offer is all about you and your learning needs