If you have a disability or specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, and are on or thinking of going on to a higher education course; you may be able to access some support with your studying so you can study on an equal basis with other students.

What do I Need To Do To Get Some Support With My Studying?

To receive this support you must first apply for and be granted Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

DSA is a non-means tested, non-repayable allowance that covers additional study related costs that you will incur because of your disability or specific learning difficulty.

It is best to apply for DSA as soon as possible to help ensure there are no delays to the start of your support.

You can get information about DSA and an application form for the year you will be studying your HE course direct from the DSA website from the links below.

Please read this information carefully as it will also confirm what evidence of your disability or specific learning difficulty you will need to supply to support your application.

Visit DSA website here for more general information about Disabled Students Allowance

Visit DSA website here to get a Disabled Students Allowance application form

The support that we put in place for you follows the agreed recommendations made within your DSA Notification of Entitlement (the confirmation letter you receive from DSA listing the support they have agreed to pay for).

There are a range of possible types of support that may be available to you, some of which are listed below:-

  • 1:1 Specialist Study Skills Support
  • Specialist Mentor
  • Mentor
  • Practical Support Assistant
  • Note Taker
  • Communication Support Worker
  • Proof Reader

What if I’ve Not Declared My Disability or Specific Learning Difficulty Yet?

If you decided to not disclose your disability or specific learning difficulty to the University Centre when you applied for your course, you can still complete a DSA application form at any time before or during your course.

The ALS team can help you:

  • Complete your application
  • Contact your DSA supplier
  • Liaise with assessors/DSA/tutors
  • Help with queries for your support

Who Can I Contact For Further Information?

Please contact Rob Tinsley or Sara Hawkins – Learning Support Co-ordinators

Email :- he.dsa@don.ac.uk

Telephone :- 01302 558207/3769