Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions.  However large or small your problems, come and talk to us.

Q. “Being at College is harder than I thought – should I leave?”

A. Before you make a decision come along and speak to a Counsellor, who will help you identify difficulties and ways of managing them.

Q. “Studying costs so much – is there any help?”

A. We have funds available to help students who are finding it difficult to juggle family income and the increased cost of studying.  Contact the Financial Support Team on 01302 553760 or email: financial.support@don.ac.uk to speak to a member of staff, in confidence.

Q. “I am 17 and have a baby.  How could I attend College?”

A. Childcare support is available and The College has a nursery at The Hub.  Financial support is also available through “Care to Learn”.  Please contact the Financial Support Team on 01302 553760 or email: financial.support@don.ac.uk to speak to a member of staff, in confidence.

Q. “I didn’t expect my family to react as they have to me becoming a student.  Why are they so against it and what can I do?”

A. Returning to study brings a number of changes and personal development, which are sometimes difficult for families to understand.  A Counsellor will be able to help you look at the concerns and develop strategies for addressing them.

Q. “It’s so long since I was at school and I didn’t take exams.  I am looking forward to my course but worry about whether I will cope with everything”.

A. A high percentage of our students are adult returners, many of whom share your concern.  You can expect support from your tutor and the Counselling Service offers help with time management, managing exam stress and also hints on how to make full use of other College services.

Q. How confidential is the service?

A. Counsellors offer a confidential service.  No one else need know that you are receiving support from us.  However, many students ask their tutor or PSW to make  appointments with a Counsellor on their behalf.  We would not tell anyone else in College what was discussed within the counselling session without your agreement.

Counsellors may, on rare occasions not be able to offer complete confidentiality, for example, if a child was at risk of harm.  Your counsellor will explain our limitations before counselling begins.