It is important to stay safe when using the Internet and mobile devices. This website contains tips and advice to help you use the Internet and mobile devices safely and responsibly.

There’s also a general Safeguarding presentation available to view with some handy tips and contact details:

Three things to remember when using the Internet:

Keep it Private

Keep your private and personal details safe and where possible don’t give them out online.

Block it

Block unwanted messages and never open any unwanted links or attachments.

Tell Someone

If you receive any abusive or offensive messages, or are asked to meet someone, tell a member of staff or somebody you trust.



Mobile devices include smart phones, media players, laptop pc’s, tablet pc’s and much more. These devices are becoming smarter and more connected and allow you to access a wealth of information and services on the go.

When using these devices it is important to consider the possible risks associated, and to ensure you take care to use them safely and responsibly.

Some of the possible risks of using mobile devices include:

  • Theft or loss
  • Disclosure of private information
  • Fraudulent use of your information

With the addition of new Smart Devices:

  • Viruses, spyware & malwar​e
  • Phishing scams
  • Unauthorised access of private information via Bluetooth
  • Fraudulent use of your data connection via Bluetooth
  • Unauthorised access of usernames and passwords stored on your device



Everything you do online, every click of a button, submission of a form, tag of a photo, email, message etc. All of these digital interactions leave data trails.

These trails are referred to as your digital footprint and contribute to your online profile. This information is a record of everything that you do online, where you have visited, what you have said, what was said about you etc.

Your online profile can affect your real life in many ways, from relationships with friends and family to getting the job you want. It is important to understand how your online profile represents you and how you can manage it responsibly and effectively.​