Doncaster College Financial Education Mission Statement

The aim of financial education at Doncaster College is to provide our students with information and knowledge to support independent living, life choices and preparation to become responsible members of society.

Throughout their programmes of study, students are provided opportunities to identify, discuss and research financial aspects of their chosen curriculum area.

Financial education is also delivered through a series of e-learning modules through our Tutorial provision, providing self-directed learning. This is supported by our Student Progress and Performance Tutor team.

Events and activities are held during the year to engage our students with financial education. We work with industry partners to provide real life, relevant examples of finance and to provide up to date information and guidance to prepare them for life in modern Britain.

As a College we also have an annual Enterprise competition for students to take part in to develop business and financial skills by developing a product or service.

Feedback and information is collected from students through focus groups, surveys and Student Parliament to provide two way communication and help build future relevant curriculum.

As an accredited Young Enterprise Centre of Excellence, Financial Champions are centrally located to direct and promote financial knowledge and education.  This is supported by continuous development of our delivered teaching content and through internal training delivered to our colleagues. Doncaster College is the first college in England and Wales to be awarded as a Centre of Excellence in financial education, after successfully embedding the subject into our curriculum.  The Centre of Excellence programme has a proven track record in helping young people understand more about money and personal finance.

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