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Business, HR & Accounting

We offer a range of courses in Business, HR, and Accountancy, covering a wide range of aspects from enterprise, to secretarial, to marketing, and more. Wherever you want to be in this sector, we have got a course to help you get there.

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Study or grow in the business sector with our courses covering all the way to University level and Masters degrees.

What does business mean to you? Business has many strands including enterprise, administration, secretarial, supervision, marketing, human resources, finance and many more. We are surrounded by thriving businesses in our everyday life and the skills you will learn means you could be a big part of a successful, fast paced business.

You can expect relevant industry insights, access to UCAS support and work experience to help you get a step ahead of the competition!

Why Choose Us?

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    We have a team of staff that have all worked in successful businesses in the industry including administration. This experience coupled with your motivation and enthusiasm, will set you up for an exciting career in any business or through starting one of your own.

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    All students will complete relevant work experience out in the industry to further develop their skills and knowledge, with local employers within Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

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    In a recent survey, 99% of all business learners said that the college is a friendly place.

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    There are opportunities for students to attend overseas work placements to Spain, France and Portugal, where they get the opportunity to learn about different business styles, new cultures and different languages.

Shannon Wright

Level 3 Business was a fantastic experience for me.  It gave me the opportunity to meet new people, some of whom I can say I will keep in touch with forever.  I was given the opportunity to learn in a range of different styles, not just the average classroom based learning! I was able to visit new places and events that really contributed to my studies.

I was able to pick a good university and it’s all thanks to Doncaster College.