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Want to find employment in one of the most exciting areas of work? Do you enjoy making, repairing, designing and problem solving a variety of problems? If so, then a career in an engineering field could be right for you!

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Having a trade puts you in charge of your career, and with the UK engineering industry sparking a high return of more than £400 billion a year, the employment opportunities are endless. Be your own boss or work for a top company, the decision is yours.

Each course has their own fantastic workspace for you to work in and get hands-on using the best equipment out there. Our electricians work on live wiring in our huge electrical workshop and welders practise their trade using our top of the range machinery, just to name a few.

All of our tutors are specialised in their industry, with years of experience and industry knowledge. They will work closely with you on exciting projects to refine your skill set and prepare you for further studies or employment