Ashlie Mason

Posted: December 21st 2017

After much thought and a last minute change of mind, I decided to apply to a big university after completing my access course to begin studies towards a Law degree. Four weeks into the course I felt I had made the worse decision of my life. The cohort had over 290 people in it and I really felt completely lost, there was no support available for mature students, this was a really daunting experience. Being 10 years older than the other people on the course I felt overwhelmed and unable to fit in with the other students. I really did not know what to do, I sought advice from the big university’s student support services and they made me feel no better. There was absolutely no personal connection or relationship between students and the lecturers and tutors. Fortunately I made contact with the University Centre at Doncaster who spoke with the course lecturers Ben and Assum who invited me onto the Criminal Justice Degree; I have had to catch up on the weeks of work I missed but the amount of support they have offered has been so helpful. The cohort here is of around 30 people of all different ages and lifestyles. I feel much more comfortable here; there is that feeling of a more one to one support with your studies.

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