Carmen Hancox – BA Criminal Justice

Posted: October 13th 2017

I left school with no GCSE’s and no desire to enter further education. As I was a young parent my focus was on getting a job, any job. I became a barmaid. As my children grew up I began to want more from life. I wanted a change in my career and I wanted more for my family. I enrolled on a GCSE maths course and enjoyed being in education. After completing the maths course, I went on to complete GCSE English. This paved the way for me to enrol onto an access to H.E course.

I realised once on the access course that university was actually a possibility. I had never considered university as it was not something I ever thought I could achieve. No one in my family had ever gone into F.E or H.E.  Being accepted on a criminal justice degree was a really prominent turning point in my life. I enjoyed learning and had a thirst for knowledge. I no longer felt like I could not follow my aspirations. The course was fantastic and gave me numerous options of how I could develop professionally, personally and academically. After completing the degree I felt confident and well prepared to follow my desire to teach. I am currently embarking on a PGCE and also have ambitions to complete a master’s degree in the future.

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