Emily Morse – Senior Graphic Designer

Posted: November 3rd 2017

I believe it all began when my last year of college was ending. I wasn’t very sure if university was for me and realistically I didn’t want to spend three years doing something like what I had been doing for two previously. Luckily, I discussed this with my tutor and they told me about a few requests for Graphic Design Apprentices, which I jumped at the chance to apply for.

A few short weeks after applying I had an interview. I was rather nervous as this was the first interview I had ever been to (other than mock interviews at school). After this was done I had a week or two of waiting but then received a phone call offering me the job.

Once I had settled into work I was enrolled onto the ‘Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Creative and Digital Media (QCF)’. I met some amazing people that inspired me to keep working to be the best that I could be. You never felt alone in what you were doing; you always had supportive tutors and students around you that you could bounce ideas off helping you to develop your work further.

After my apprenticeship was finished the company I worked for offered me a full-time position and after a few years of building on the skills I had learnt, I am now a Senior Graphic Designer and an integral part of the design team.

My apprenticeship was the stepping stone for me to getting into the industry I wanted and put me onto the right path to starting my career.

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