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Lindsey – Certificate of Education and Training CET Level 4

Posted: August 9th 2018

I would like to thank the tutors Debbie, David and Michelle for all their time and commitment to my learning.  I gained a great deal of knowledge on techniques, teaching methods and planning.

I have worked with children/young people since leaving school (which has been more years than what I would like to admit) and was unsure what this course would offer me, I am happy to say “it offered a lot”.

I found the information about the many theorists, their opinions and ideas regarding inclusion and best practice fascinating.  The teaching I received was well prepared, delivered and explained. I explained that I struggle with my wording in documents/assignments due to having Dyslexia, the response was very respectful and considerate reassuring me that it would not be a problem.  This was evident by the written feedback for my assignments being well explained using understandable terms and structure. My verbal feedback was always constructive again using terminology that I understood and identified with.

During the course, we were encouraged to share our own methods, strategies and experiences.  This allowed us to support each other, being open to feedback and constructive criticism.

When I had completed an observation, I received detailed feedback which identified my strong points as well as offering areas for improvement.  I found this to be a really useful tool when planning my next observation sessions.

If I was to offer any advice for anyone considering this course I would say: “You will learn a lot and be open-minded, this course is to help develop your skills and the tutors want you to be successful in your teaching career”

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