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Madeline Bird – BA (Hons) English

Posted: August 27th 2020

The tutors inspire you with their wealth of knowledge. The smaller groups enable a personal academic experience. The tutors want you to succeed and they go above and beyond to keep you interested and motivated. Embrace any criticism you get back from your work, it is positive feedback to motivate you further to meet that higher standard. I look forward to returning to campus in September to be part of a terrific team again for level 5.

I haven’t had a favourite subject this year. However, I found the APD module the most useful for the study skills. It is here your nagging doubts about your potential will be diminished. It is here where you will learn and be guided to everything you need to know to be successful with your academic work.

Level 4 saw me enter into a creative writing competition which was led by a level 5 English student. I came 1st for the creative writing short story and 2nd in the poem competition. This was certainly confidence-boosting. I attend the regular open mic night and socialise with fellow students, it is a wonderful atmosphere. Everyone is so welcoming. I personally have surprised myself at my level of achievement. The tutors at the University Centre have made me feel the sky’s the limit, as to what I can achieve.

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