Milan Popik – Public Services

Posted: August 31st 2018

Last year I was the Level 1 in Unformed Public Service course. One of the units I found really interesting was employment because it opened up a different range of jobs within the uniformed public services that I had not even thought about. Through these lessons I decided to sign up for the Rifles Yorkshire regiment rather than signing up for the army.  The tutors are brilliant, they are all enthusiastic about their subjects and the lessons are fun and informative.

One of the trips we went on last year was a Skiing trip to Italy where we spent a week at Pita Resort. It was the first time I have been skiing so this was a new and exciting experience. By the end of the week I became a decent skier and I am looking forward to go again next year.

My current goal is to progress from the level 2 onto the Level 3 Uniformed Public Service programme.

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