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University Centre Student Charter

Here at University Centre Doncaster we are committed to providing all our students with a high quality learning and teaching experience that is responsive to personal development, personal achievement and employment readiness.

University Centre Doncaster recognises that students can only achieve their full potential if the learning experience is positive and strongly linked to the student’s individual needs, interests and aspirations.  Therefore, we endeavour to create a purposeful, caring and supportive educational environment shaped by working in an effective partnership with you as students, where we are open and honest with each other, where we work together in a connected way, and where we strive for excellence.

This student charter is a manifestation of our values and beliefs and says what you as a student can expect from the University Centre, and what is expected from you. We have a strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity and are highly committed to providing our students with a safe, healthy and supportive learning environment that is the shared responsibility of both staff and students.


Here at University Centre Doncaster we are committed to providing all our students with a high quality learning and teaching experience that is responsive to personal development, personal achievement and employment readiness, which is facilitated by an excellent teaching body who have sound, up-to-date understandings of their subject areas and continue to research and develop their interests.

By teaching research methods and providing access to a wealth of multimedia resources, as well as paper based resources available in our two high quality learning resource centres, we intend to provide all students with the necessary skills to become more independent learners, while promoting a culture of lifelong learning.

While studying here you are a member of a supportive community in which you are encouraged to play an active part. You will be treated respectfully, courteously and professionally and we expect you to behave in the same way towards fellow students, staff, visitors, and the local community. You can show your commitment by participating fully in your studies, preparing thoroughly for your classes and meeting the attendance and assessment requirements of your course.


We will provide opportunity for students to work in partnership with us as we value the student voice. All students are given the chance to influence the way University Centre Doncaster runs via annual student satisfaction surveys and module reviews. For those who are keen to get more involved, we provide training for students to become representatives. Our Student Representatives attend regular programme team meetings with their tutors and participate in programme reviews. Some Student Reps also attend Staff Student Council and committees. You are also encouraged to get involved in HE Open Days and other events.

Our Student Representatives are trained to be:

  • Approachable
  • Effective communicators
  • Free from bias
  • Non Judgemental

Every two years we also elect a Student Governor who attends the Board of Governors meetings and takes the student voice to the highest level.

We listen to all feedback we receive from students and take action to improve your learning experience from it. If you have specific issues you wish to raise formally then you can find detail of how to do this in your student handbook.


At University Centre Doncaster we challenge all prejudice and discriminatory behaviour and expect all our students to do the same. We have a diverse student body and are committed to raising aspirations and ensuring that all our students have the opportunity to succeed regardless of social background, race, disability, religion or belief, age, gender or sexual orientation, and expect you to take an active part in tackling discrimination and bullying. We intend to promote an environment built on mutual respect and professionalism, so please give all teaching and support staff, and other students and visitors the respect and courtesy they deserve.

We also ask that you respect the University Centre buildings and grounds by taking an active role in keeping it clean and tidy and taking reasonable care for the health and safety of others.​


We aim to provide all applicants with impartial advice and guidance about all our programmes of study to allow you to make the right decision for you. Your application will be processed in an effective and efficient manner and once your place has been confirmed you may be offered additional support that meets your individual learning needs.

Once you have enrolled on a programme of study with us at University Centre Doncaster you will take part in an induction process, which intends to help you bridge the gap to University study. On programme, you will experience working with tutors who are committed to enabling you to reach your full potential via appropriate feedback and support.

While studying with us you will have access to a wide range of learner support services, including multimedia learning facilities, open access to ICT and our high quality learning resource centres. You will also be supported by a range of other student support services including careers advice.

Working together will provide a safe, friendly and inclusive environment in which students can be successful in their studies and reach their full potential.