BA (Hons) Graphic Design

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Awarded by: University of Hull
UCAS code: W291
Course code: X002
Course Level: Level 4 - 6
Location: High Melton
Hours p/w: 16
Duration: 3 years full-time
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Course Leader: Simon Gomes
Programme Specification:

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The course structure enables students to realise a professional identity within the graphic design and associated media industries, and aims to help you to achieve your full potential by developing and challenging conventional design theories through experimental and practical applications.

Contemporary graphic design requires an appreciation of all forms of visual communication, and you will be shown, through demonstration and explanation, how to continuously expand and develop your skills by undertaking challenging project briefs, often in collaboration with local and regional business organisations.

Essential ‘tools of the trade’ such as the layout pad, computer, and other more traditional materials will be introduced and discussed in detail to challenge you and diversify your thinking during the conceptual and developmental design stages of each project brief.

Course Content and Structure

Industry involvement

Employers and creatives currently connected with the course:

  • Aura Design, Nottingham  
  • Doncaster Chamber
  • Adrian Shaughnessy
  • Craig Hodgson (Ad agency, Dubai)
  • Tamsin Garbutt (Nexus / IH)
  • Combine Studio
  • Doncaster Minster

You will examine the current world of graphic design and develop personal skills in all of the following essential areas:

  • Advertising and the promotion of brands using all available forms of sensory communication.
  • Art Direction and how graphic design, photography and illustration is used to transmit specific brand messages and values.
  • Branding and the tools needed to present a coherent and unified brand identity to a specific target audience and/or end user.
  • Editorial/Print design for books, magazines and periodicals; when traditional knowledge about printed elements including colour, typography, layout, imagery and art direction combine with skills in digital application to produce exciting and considered design proposals.
  • Print Reproduction and an appreciation of how artwork should be prepared for digital reproduction.
  • Professional Practice and the management and presentation of successful graphic design to specific target audiences and/or end users. An appreciation of local, regional and global graphic design/branding practice will also be addressed. Portfolio development and salesmanship skills will also form a core element of this area of study.
  • Typographic design and how the letterform is applied as a visual identifier of particular brands, products and/or services.
  • Website design and the translation of ‘brand’ into online media applications.

The BA (Hons) Graphic Design Course Structure is as follows:

Year one (Level 4)

  • Visualisation
  • Historical/Contextual Studies 1
  • Design Processes/Theory
  • Computer Applications for Design
  • Studio Practice
  • Typographic Design

Year two (Level 5)

  • Historical and Contextual Studies 2
  • Industrial Practice
  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity and Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Advanced Typographic Design

Year three (Level 6)

The final year of the course requires learners to compile a body of work including a professional portfolio and a practical exhibition. In order to achieve this you will study the following modules:

  • Dissertation
  • Externally Set Briefs
  • Final Major Project

In addition, all three year groups will participate in the following:-

  • Educational visits
  • Live briefs
  • Visiting lecturers from industry


Your progress will be assessed via formal critiques and presentations with written feedback at the end of each module. You will be formally assessed at the end of each year and in the final semester, when you will demonstrate your skills through the production of a major project.

Entry Requirements

One of the following:

  • 200 UCAS Tariff Points- from at least 2 GCE A Levels or BTEC National qualifications or a Foundation Diploma
  • Access to HE Diploma in an art related programme with at least 45 credits at Level 3
  • Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

We welcome applications from people of any age who might not meet the standard entry criteria, but we would expect to see evidence of continuing academic and/or professional development and a capacity to pursue the course successfully.

If your application is successful, you may be invited to attend an interview with a portfolio of design related work to demonstrate your ability and suitability for the course.

Progression Routes

Potential careers

Potential jobs Expected salary
Art Director £12-40,000
Copywriter £12-40,000
Typographer £20-30,000
Editorial Designer £12-35,000
Website Designer £15-50,000
Brand Consultant £15-50,000
Account Executive £15-40,000
Digital Art Worker £15-35,000

On completion of this course you will have the necessary skills and professional portfolio to allow you to gain employment in a variety of areas.

Alternatively, you may choose to further your studies with the MA Design Enterprise.

Student comments

"Coming from a web design background the degree course has allowed for a greater understanding of the process and theory behind graphic design, a huge benefit when considering forthcoming design concepts. Working on software packages like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign have been invaluable in expanding my knowledge on everything from typography and image creation, to editorial layout." MF, Year 2 student
"One thing I like about the course is the way we all work together as a class to form critiques to constantly improve our work. I also like the fact we have a relatively small class so it feels we get a lot of guidance in our work individually. Lastly, I thought the first year was really beneficial as we were all guided towards improving our computer applications skills to a high enough standard to benefit the forthcoming years in the course." SH, Year 2 student
"The course is really flexible and is able to adapt to my personal circumstances and support is readily available. Tutors always reply quickly by telephone or email with help, advice and guidance so I never feel as though I am on my own. This Course has assisted me with my work projects. It provides practical skills that can be used straight away in my day to day duties as a Graphic and Multimedia designer in a commercial design studio. I am always given relevant information and time to complete briefs. The tutors are informative, give help, guidance and constructive criticism quickly that allows me to develop my skills ready for life in industry." DC, Year 2 student

"Some people think of us creatives as crazy, eccentric people who sit in a room conjuring up all kinds of weird and wonderful things ... and I for one would agree with them!

"One of the hardest industries in the world to get into yet people like myself do whatever it takes to get it to it! This is why my journey in the big wide world of design has led me to High Melton University Centre and I am very happy pleased to be a part of it. I am extremely happy with everything I have seen and experienced so far. It will defiantly give all the students the knowledge and the portfolio to be able to make that dream job a little easier.

"The first thing that I want to praise is the tutors themselves, who so far have all ready played a huge part in my education. They are always there to be able to talk to and bounce ideas around with but most importantly give us young creatives criticism. To me having criticism is the biggest compliment anybody can pay to my work, as its from this criticism great things happen. Plus if we didn’t seek it we would never push those boundaries and explore greater depths of our imaginations. I would just like to send a huge thank you to the tutors for that!!

"I also like the vast amount of experience they bring to the table! This is a huge benefit again to us young design sponges as we need to be aware of how things are done in industry and how the ‘big fishes’ go about producing the work they do! This insight is priceless and I for one am certainly soaking up every last little bit of information I can.

"Then there’s the studios themselves which I have to say are kitted out extremely well. The line of IMacs sporting the latest technology and software make it easy for any student to be able to get logged on and get cracking. Plus the fact that they are always accessible means that students are able to begin there day as early or keep those creative juices flowing till as late as they want.

"Finally the briefs ... and I am not talking about those you get from Marks and Spencers. These tasks push us students to broaden our minds and welcome new challenges to the table ... from, branding, to advertising, to editorial High Melton offers it all, and it will certainly challenge any young creative mind. I also like how the work has to be produced and presented the way it would be expected to be done out in industry.

"I am extremely happy with everything I have encountered at University Centre Doncaster, it certainly offers much more than graphic design from the national diploma course and puts the students into a studio environment which like I said is priceless experience. I am sure it will give me and every other student the vital tools they need to be able to cope with their futures."

SM, Year 1 student

If you are unsure which course is the right one for you, please contact us further information and guidance.

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