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Assum Mumtaz MA, BA (Hons)

Current roles


I began my studies at High Melton University Centre in 2003 studying within the Criminal Justice department within what was then the BA Law and Criminology Degree. Within this programme I was provided with my basis about the English legal system and I built a general interest in English Criminal Law.

From there I then Attended the University of Sheffield to conduct a Masters in International Criminology. This was a more detailed look into Criminal Justice within a European and Worldwide context. This, coupled with my great interest in Criminal law, has led me to pursue a phD within the University of Sheffield. My area of interest is the European Union, trans-national and cross border crime, the main focal point being whether individual legal systems are coping with the vast amounts of trans-national crime taking place every day.

Once gaining my phD I hope to become highly involved within the academic research community.

Current modules taught

BA (Hons) Criminal Justice:

Research / scholarly activity

Postgradate studies.

Member of the teaching and Learning Innovation Task Group.

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