Coronavirus Information

Statement from the DN Colleges Group University Centres

To all Higher Education students

We are monitoring the developments of Covid-19 at the University Centre Doncaster and University Campus North Lincolnshire and the impact on the Higher Education provision at our campuses. Our response to the situation is based on guidance from Public Health England, the Department for Education, and our University partners.

In light of recent government guidance on restricting group congregation and encouraging social distancing, we have decided that all classroom teaching will be moved online, and that we will undertake a transition to online learning with immediate effect. This means that lectures, seminars and individual tutorials will be undertaken remotely using online platforms. Students will be able to access from their own home a variety of learning resources that have been designed specifically to support online learning.

This decision means that we are our mirroring all our University partners who have moved all of their teaching online in the past few days. The following links provide the latest guidance published by our University partners:

During the next few days, Heads of Department and Programme Leaders at the University Centres will write to you with information about the specific arrangements that have been made for your programme and a clear indication of how you can expect us to support your learning in the weeks ahead.

Our priority this week is to ensure that learning resources are uploaded to the platform that you are currently using on your programme (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Google Classroom, etc) and that you are able to access these resources. Because much of our teaching involves ‘blended’ delivery, we are confident that we have the resources and skills to do this quickly and that you already know how to access online learning materials because you do so regularly. The teaching staff and academic support team members will all be engaging with you in those online communications.

The library and learning resource centres will remain open for the use of students and staff.

No doubt you will have some questions about the impact of the current situation on your assessment. Our approach is to minimise disruption to the assessment schedule, but we are working with our University partners to put in place measures to mitigate any disruption that may occur. We will provide you with more information about this when we receive more detailed guidance from our University partners.

Our aim is to ensure that we maintain continuity of teaching and individual academic support through to the end of the academic year. If you have any questions about this, you should contact your Programme Leader in the first instance, and we will give you a detailed response as soon as we can.

The welfare of our students and staff lies at the centre of our decision-making. We will continue to place updates on our website and your learning platforms.

Very best wishes to all

Maxina Butler-Holmes, Executive Director for Higher Education

Alan Girvin, Director of Higher Education UCD

Steve Johnstone, Director of Higher Education UCNL



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