We will keep this page updated with answers to common questions when they arise. Remember that you can get in touch with us, details are on the main relocation page.

‘Will any courses be closing due to the relocation?

All courses that are currently being delivered will continue to run.  However, all  our courses are reviewed on an annual basis to confirm viability and this exercise will also continue.

‘Why did the press know first?

This was not a consultation exercise but a decision made based on many factors. The press picked it up very early and we have put a communications plan in place that we are following, and in these situations it is very difficult to manage the message in a timely way. We have opened our University Centre Facebook page to receive messages and comments/queries, as well as our Q&A section on the website, and will respond to queries through that medium. We have also contacted all prospective students who have applied through UCAS and advised them of the change.

‘Does this mean the University Centre is closing?

We have the designation of University Centre through our validating partner, the University of Hull. They are fully aware of our plans and have confirmed that the designation will transfer to The Hub when programmes move. This is also welcomed by the borough who aspire to have a University City with Higher Education taking a more high profile role in Doncaster. We will also be looking at this as a transitional period pending what might be a move to a new / dedicated University building in the town centre.

‘What about the students who live on the campus in the accommodation?’

We are working with partners across the borough to identify alternative accommodation and will involve those students affected as soon as we can in terms of looking at options.

‘We don’t have to pay for parking now and will have to in town – what are  you going to do about that?’

The College doesn’t own any land in the town centre and there is no subsidised parking currently at the Hub for staff or students however we are hopeful that the borough may now consider how they help with that in view of the move. The large car park near The Hub is £2.50 per day and free after 6pm at the moment. However there are better links to the transport interchange from The Hub than High Melton. College management will be discussing this further with the local authority for opportunities to provide additional discounts/subsidised parking. We will be retaining some of our transport fleet and will look at where travel-to-learn patterns are to see if we can assist with this.

‘What about specialist spaces such as Music, Dance and Sport – there won’t be room at the Hub?’ 

We recognise that there will be challenges in relocating some specialist provision and will identify alternative locations and/or partners within the borough to enable this provision to carry on. We will also work to ensure that the timetabling of sessions that are off site is synchronised with access to the LRC etc. and not disruptive to learning.

‘There isn’t room at The Hub for everyone and we don’t want to feel like we are going back to school’

We recognise the need to provide a suitable environment for HE students – some already study at The Hub using specialist facilities like Engineering, Construction, Arts, and Fashion – and will create spaces for eating and studying that are appropriate for those students.