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Our Vision

Transforming lives and improving the local economy through access to outstanding education, training and employment opportunities.

Our Mission

Realising student potential and achieving excellence.

Our Values

  • Student-Centred
  • Continuous Improvement and High Standards
  • Trust and Integrity
  • Professionalism and Responsibility
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Mutual Understanding and Support
  • Innovative and Enterprising

Educational Vision: 2016/17 Onwards

Key elements:

  • Collaboration and innovation
  • Integrated education model
  • Progression opportunities
  • Distinctly different from competitors
  • Centres of Excellence

The Independent Commission on Education and Skills in Doncaster made a number of recommendations which related to raising aspirations, towards higher education and embracing a concept of the town becoming a ‘University for Life’.

Through our current activities the College already plays a major part in this vision:

  • Delivering the Children’s University and thereby supporting the ‘Doncaster University for Life recommendation’
  • The College is the only provider of Higher Education in the Borough with established University partnerships and validation
  • A vocationally focused curriculum at levels entry 1-7, locally delivered with the potential for more employer focused higher apprenticeships
  • Long established experience of delivering HE blended and distance learning provision: ‘University level education doesn’t have to be in a building – learning doesn’t end at 18 and that higher education and lifelong learning is important for the development of skills in Doncaster’
  • Good links with schools and employers to inform and develop progression opportunities in order to motivate, inspire and retain a new generation of higher level students
  • Facilitating the concept of Lifelong Learning
  • Continuing to seek partnerships and merger opportunities to enable the realisation of this vision for Doncaster.

The ambition for a ‘university offer’ remains a high priority and Doncaster College is pivotal to this. The relocation of curriculum is a transitional component of an ultimate vision of a distinctly different town centre based University Centre.

Rationale for change

In order to support these ambitions we have taken the decision that from September we will be relocating our University Centre to our Waterfront Hub building in Doncaster.

With excellent transport links including the railway station and bus interchange we have the full support of our University validating partners as we move to create a University centre experience aligned to the borough strategy, ‘One Doncaster’ (viewable at and the aspiration for a University City.

Benefits of consolidating of the curriculum

  • Alignment of curriculum delivery and quality
  • Shared use and improved access to specialist resources
  • Significant operating cost savings and enhancement of cash reserves, which would improve financial security and assist short and long term investment
  • Improved access to and utilisation of support staff
  • Greater strategic collaboration and integration of curriculum, thus optimising opportunities and planning
  • Strategic advantages of working with key stakeholders.


  • College based Higher Education is seen as being increasingly important in the development of high level skills to meet the needs of the local economy and repositioning our curriculum more centrally
  • Doncaster is a growing town with huge economic opportunities and it is crucial to improve the qualifications and skills of residents
  • The vision for Doncaster is to create ambition and aspiration through a University City aligned to the One Doncaster – Education City concept
  • The consolidation of students in a town centre locality adds economic benefits and vibrancy to the town and shape a vision of a town based University Centre with the benefit of supporting infrastructure for transport and accommodation
  • Positioning of Higher and Further Education aligned to economic priorities, and developed in collaboration with internal and external partners/stakeholders.